House League

London Open Ringette offers an excellent alternative for players who don’t wish to travel out of town for games.

The LORA House League was developed 5 years ago to provide a place for players to play the game they love without the cost and time required when playing on a travel team.
Our league has players who have experience at all levels.  We have players who played the game throughout their formative years and now wish to get back into the game; We have players who have recently arrived in London, and everything in-between.

Referees and Timekeepers are assigned for each game. 

We play games each week, with no blackouts and no “off” weeks.

Location:  Kinsmen Arena - 20 Granville St, London, ON

Time:  TBD

House League is not a recreational/development program. We require that players be knowledgeable about Ringette and have Ringette as well as skating skills.